At-Home Diagnostic Blood Testing
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Chiropractic Orlando FL Blood Testing

The Future Of Healthcare Is Here!

We offer At-Home Diagnostic Blood Testing in Orlando FL. No separate appointments, lab visits, or confusing lab reports.

Explore our kits in Orlando FL

  • Core 6-in-1 Metabolic Panel (cholesterol profile/lipids, insulin resistance, HSCRP, HBA1C, GGT, visceral fat) {Optional add: Thyroid (TSH) or Testosterone or Vitamin D}
  • Comprehensive 14-in-1 Metabolic Panel (Most Popular/Best Value)
    (lipids/cholesterol, HSCRP, HBA1C, GGT, AST, ALT, ALK-P, total bilirubin, creatinine, EGFR, glucose, vitamin D & visceral fat)


  • Female Wellness Panel {Best Value} (5 female hormones, 6 metabolic markers, vitamin D)
  • Male Wellness Panel {Best Value} (5 male hormones, 6 metabolic markers)
  • Adrenal Health


  • Liver Health & Function
  • Kidney Health & Function

Why Choose Us?

  • Accessibility: From the comfort of your own home, saving you visiting a clinic.
  • Quick Turnaround Time: Results are typically transmitted 3-5 days after reaching our lab.
  • Easy-To-Understand Results: Our user-friendly dashboard provides recommendations on how to optimize your health.
  • Affordability: Our tests are available at a fraction of the price of other traditional methods.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Prick Your Finger: No lab visits required. All it takes is a prick of your finger.
  2. Mail In Your Sample: We partner with CLIA and CAP accredited laboratories
  3. Get Results Quickly: Learn how you can improve your health from the inside out from Dr. Robert or Dr. Lauren.

Special Offer!

Get 15% off your order with the recommended 4 blood kits per year package. Your path to health just got more affordable!

How to Get Started?

Call (407) 888-9544, or visit our office. We can mail kits to you, and you can pay over the phone.

Price Includes a Consultation with the Doctor: Discuss findings, and receive valuable insights. Aim for progress with 4 bloodwork tests each year, mailed to you.

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