Chiropractic Testimonials

"Drs. Bo and Lauren were incredible. I came in for a sports injury and not only did they do a traditional hands on adjustment, they used newer therapy machines that helped my back tremendously. From the way they described in-depth how they were gonna correct my problem to the effectiveness of it all, I highly recommend and will be going back. "

- Alex D.

"Dr. Lauren Sanderson and Dr. Robert Sanderson have helped me numerous times when I could barely walk from severe back pain. The equipment and tools they have are incredible and do wonders even if you are not comfortable being adjusted."

- Denell B.

"This is one of the nicest doctor's offices I've visited. From the front desk to the doctors, everyone is so pleasant and intentional. I recommend it to everyone I know! The treatments are a treat and have worked very well for me! I came in with severe lower back pain, unable to sit, walk or barely stand. Dr. Lauren did an amazing job resetting me. I'm grateful for them!"

- Janet A.

"I love Dr. Lauren! She is a great chiropractor not only because she is knowledgeable and makes great adjustments but you can tell she really cares about her patients!"

- Sara H.

"I have been seeing Bo for a while now and I’m amazed at my results. I suffer from degenerative arthritis in both of my hips and my treatments with Bo have lessened my pain and increased my mobility tremendously. I am now able to walk without the use of my walking stick and have regained the ability to be more active in my daily life."

- David C.

"I first went to Bo for low back pain that I received from weightlifting and after one treatment I felt dramatically better. I’ve also seen Bo for a pulled muscle in my upper back and after a few treatments I again felt much better. Every time I see him it has been awesome he has been very welcoming and hospitable. You can tell he really has a passion for his job and enjoys helping people. He takes his time with his patients and doesn’t just rush them out the door. I would go see Bo anytime I need some therapy which tends to happen a lot as an ice hockey player/coach, CrossFit athlete, and weightlifter."

- Chris L.

"I’ve never found such a passionate and dedicated person for his career like Bo Sanderson. He has not only helped me through adjustments but he guided me through the whole process of recovery, step by step. In addition to that, he taught me a variety of exercises to help me strengthen my overall body to avoid further damage. He even helped me create a nutritional plan and educated me about supplements that would help me. I am very thankful for him. He helped me understand the overall function of my body."

- Maria C.

"As an active bodybuilder for the past 18 years, nagging injuries can creep upon you and effectively shut your training down. After not being able to properly train my right bicep due to unbearable pain, I went to Bo. He worked on my right forearm and described my condition as tennis elbow. Following his hands on therapy and the following his advice, my tennis elbow cleared after 2 weeks. It’s been months and the pain is still absent."

- Caleb S.

"I first came to Bo with both muscle and bone issues, I train Muay Thai as well as with the Marine Corps in preparation to ship out soon and currently trains 5-6 days a week for a few hours at a time constantly exercising and pushing my body to its limits every day. Unfortunately this has resulted in a lot of damage to both muscles and bones.

Not only did Bo adjust my body to prevent any injury and keep me healthy, he also taught me so much about nutrition and the roll it had in not only keeping me healthy but healing my body and keeping it strong as well. He is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, exercise, how the body works and is also constantly up to date on the medical world with new studies and facts about anything you can think of. While with Bo he introduced me into an awesome treatment called Graston which I found to be an extremely helpful tool that takes away adhesions and any build up in the muscle as well as helps loosen it up and prevent injury.

I had a number of tight muscles that was restricting my abilities as well as causing pain and discomfort. Bo was also able to get rid of all the problems I was having by showing me good stretch's as well as a combination of Graston and adjustments to where now I am able to run , kick, lift etc. as well as train past my limits without any problems. Bo also taught me how to prevent injury with different exercises that I can do anywhere including at home and workouts for the gym which have proven already that they work in a quick but very efficient way. I have a great understanding on how the body works and how it should be taken care of on a daily basis."

- Eden Y.

"Since finding out that I’m pre-diabetic I have been working with Bo on my nutrition and exercise. He gives me great suggestions on food choices and guides me step by step on my daily eating plan. His treatments have made me feel much better and I find that I now have the knowledge to control my blood sugar."

- Scott S.

"Bo does a great job addressing your needs and concerns that you have. He puts together a great care plan to relieve pain, make you feel better, and optimize performance!"

- James W.

"I went to the clinic for chronic back and knee pain that had been going on for a few years. This is where Bo started treating me for my symptoms. The regular care I received in clinic helped relieve the pain I had when walking a great distance.  Although he was unable to resolve my symptoms, he helped pin point the problems and I am now seeking surgical treatment. Bo treated me with understanding, and answered my questions and explained alternatives when it was obvious further treatment was not warranted. I highly recommend Bo if you have any problems where chiropractic care is indicated."

- Vickie M.


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