Tips For Recovering From An Auto Accident in South Orlando FL

Tips For Recovering From An Auto Accident in South Orlando FL

Tips For Recovering From An Auto Accident in South Orlando FL

Car accidents in South Orlando FL can be very stressful, painful, and confusing. They can cause both short and long term health problems. At Health First Chiropractic and Nutrition we have helped many people heal and recover properly following an accident. At our clinic we have the knowledge, compassion, and treatment options to help you heal to your maximum capability. Contact us for a Complimentary Auto Accident Consultation

Tips in South Orlando FL

Here are some helpful tips if you or someone you know is involved in a car accident:

  1. If you have been in a car accident, the very first thing to do is seek immediate evaluation and treatment to minimize any long-term effects of the accident. Most people are hesitant about receiving this necessary care because they are concerned about the cost. The majority of people are unaware that their car insurance has coverage for their health-care needs after an accident.
  2. Following a car crash the injured person must receive treatment from a doctor or hospital within 14 days from the date of the accident to be entitled to the PIP (Personal Injury Protection coverage) for $10,000 for medical bills.
  3. You need to see a doctor that has experience with auto accident injuries. Many people go to their primary care doctor and are told “we don’t handle accident cases”. This is usually because sending bills and getting paid by auto insurance companies can be very difficult. Also, treating a car accident victim is different than your typical patient. Car accident victims have different types of soft tissue injuries that many doctors are inexperienced with and are uncomfortable with treating. It takes a specialized doctor who is experienced in handling these types of injuries, to properly diagnose and treat these types of conditions.
  4. You don’t always feel the pain right after an accident. In heightened levels of excitement the body can release adrenaline and endorphins that can increase energy and block pain. When these chemicals subside the pain can start to set in.
  5. Car accidents, even at low speeds, can cause damage to the structure of the body. The intensity of the accident does not always match up to the level of damage on the body. I’ve had some patients in high speed, head on collisions with minimal damage. I’ve also had some patients in low speed, fender benders which caused significant pain and injury.

In the end, if you involved in an accident make sure to:

  • Go to an experienced doctor that you trust within 14 days from the accident
  • Find out what type of injury you have and get the appropriate treatment in a timely manner
  • Heal up correctly now so you don’t have to deal with nagging injuries in the future


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