What is That On Their Skin in South Orlando FL?

What is that on their skin in South Orlando FL?

What is That On Their Skin?

I have been using Rocktape in South Orlando FL on myself and my patients for a while now. You can tape most areas of the body and the tape can help with a variety of conditions like: tennis/golfers elbow, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff injuries, shin splits, low back and neck pain, postural correction, and much more. This is not just for athletes and can be worn on people off all ages.

How can it help in South Orlando FL?

1. It can help decrease pain

Wearing the tape on your body can help decrease the pain signals being sent to your brain. This is why we instinctively rub our shin when we whack it on something. You can think of the tape as something that is constantly rubbing the area of pain.

2. Takes the pressure off

When applies correctly, the tape lifts the skin off your soft tissue. This promotes blood flow to the area which is vital for recovery and proper functioning. It also helps to drain lymphatic fluid which can help with swelling and inflammation.

3. Fatigue fighter

Research shows that the tape can reduce muscle fatigue. When correctly applies, it can pick up the slack of muscles that are not working correctly. This will support the muscle tone and can help your perform your daily activities or sports more effectively.

4. Let’s you move

This is not like the old school white athletic tape which prevents movement. Rocktape allows the full movement of the taped area. It is giving support to the area while letting the area move. This is especially important for athletes who need to train without movement restrictions.

5. Set it and forget it

The tape usually stays on for 3-5 days. You can perform your regular daily activates and can shower with it on. Rocktape is 100% latex free and the adhesive is hypo-allergenic.


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