Your 1st Visit to Your South Orlando FL Chiropractor

Your first visit to your South
Orlando FL chiropractor

Your 1st Visit to Your South Orlando Chiropractor

Going to any doctor for the first time can cause some anxiety. This is natural because you don’t know what to expect. Will the doctor listen to me and address my concerns? Can I describe my symptoms correctly? Will the treatment hurt? Just like many of you, I have been to the doctors where they spent literally 3 minutes with me and the visit was far from genuine. From that visit on I told myself I would never want to practice this way. Here is what you can expect with starting chiropractic treatment in South Orlando FL with me:

  1. You will fill out some brief paperwork and I will take a detailed history on you. This is where you can tell me all about your symptoms and your goals for treatment.
  2. Next I will perform an exam on you to help figure out what is causing your symptoms. The exam will help me determine the correct treatment for you. Every patient does not get the same treatment. Every problem is different and each patient has their own unique needs.
  3. We will discuss if imaging, like X-rays, are needed. After this we will begin treatment. I will explain every treatment in detail before I perform it. I will make sure you understand how everything will feel and that you’re comfortable. None of the treatments I do cause pain and are very gentle. Our office has many different treatment styles to match your exact need.
  4. My goal is to get your better as fast as possible. I will educate you about what is happening in your body to cause these symptoms. I will take as much time as it takes to make sure you receive the best care possible.

What if you don’t have any pain and feel OK in South Orlando FL?

You can still benefit from chiropractic treatment. I have treated many people that come in once a month or two just to get a whole body tune up. Pain is usually the last stage of dysfunction. People who come in to get checked can help keep some chronic issues at bay. Many people find they can move a lot better and can perform their daily activities/hobbies much easier.

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